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Etymology: L, status, condition
a number that describes a property of a set of data or other numbers.


A value that defines a specified measure of a population or dataset–eg, mean, percentage, rate of reaction, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, or other datum; a number that quantifies a characteristic of data in a sample. See Durban-Watson statistic, F statistic, G statistic, Kappa statistic, Test statistic, V statistic, Z statistic. Cf Statistics.


n a value or number that describes a series of quantitative observations or measures; a value calculated from a sample.


a numerical value calculated from a number of observations in order to summarize them.

Patient discussion about statistic

Q. What are the known statistics of Autism: Here is a question which needs a very detailed reply please. What are the known statistics of Autism: incidence, cost and ratio?

A. for more statistical information here are 2 sites:

and here is the CDC site link:

Q. Do you know if Propecia can truly stop hair loss and even grow back hair. do you have any statistics about it? do you know if there are any side effects to this medication?

A. it does work but there is some side affects, as in E.D. while you are on the med.

Q. What is the statistic number of women having breast cancer or under the threat of having breast cancer? where would i find a good , and reliable info about the disease ?

A. it is said that today 1 out of any 8 women will have breast cancer. there are also men who has breast cancer but the numbers are considerably lower.
about a good source of info- the site that doctoradhi gave you is pretty good, and you can use also the national medical library link:

good luck!

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The meeting also discussed the upcoming statistical projects within the GCC-Stat program for 2014, including: National Accounts 2008, establishment of indicators & indices, the development of products and services statistics, the pan-GCC census 2020, developing job market statistics, establishing data quality scheme and a unified statistical classification system, development of data classification system synced with available administrative records, environment and energy related statistics, developmental indicators and statistics and financial statistics.
These thoughts aside, the perception appears to exist that the public wants law enforcement to do nothing more than "collect statistics," but with no apparent defined purpose.
One advantage of this statistic is that approximate critical values are easily obtained.
The purpose of the present study was to devise a scale that would be quick to administer and that would assist in identifying students at risk for failing a statistics class due to high apprehension and low self-efficacy.
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It went on: "Government statistics press releases do not always give a true and fair picture of the story behind the statistics.
For most people, statistics is an invisible science.
A global report including the 6 regions is also available called The World statistics and forecast report.
Acting on its own or in collaboration with a government body or private sector or international organisation, the agency will undertake statistical collections, and produce, analyse and disseminate official or other statistics.
The UN Statistical Commission issued 10 fundamental principles of official statistics in 1994, according to the report.