static system

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stat·ic sys·tem

that part of the neuromuscular system whereby the animal organism is maintained in posture and equilibrium and counteracts the forces of gravity and atmospheric pressure; distinguished from the kinetic system (2).
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* Airspeed indicator out of calibration, static system leaking or influenced by disrupted airflow near static ports.
The resulting indication won't be as accurate as your normal static system, and every plane is different on how inaccurate.
Keywords: Gas-phase kinetics; Static system; 2-chloropropene; Uninhibited reaction; Mechanism; C-Cl bond fission.
Safe Flight maintains its SCx system is superior to existing systems such as the Bendix-King KLR 10, which use pressure differential input from an under-wing differential pressure sensor, similar to the aircraft pitot static system. The sensor is typically mounted on an inspection cover site and the readings can become less accurate in slip and skid flight configurations, said Safe Flight's Ken Bannon-just the condition when a pilot needs the most accurate indication of angle of attack.
That is, except the main part of the building as a static system, the necessary electrical and mechanical components and systems are added to the building.
General solution of the non-linear static system described in compact form as
proposition of this theory says that static system of governance not meeting time challenges and not capable of reformatting and
This difference is a major factor contributing to the advantages of a static system with a horizontal furnace over both the dynamic and hybrid designs.
One reason is that the I/O capabilities of individual storage devices inherently bind traditional static system performance.
The virtual tens meter has two ways of operating: acquisition in a static system, acquisition in a dynamic system.
This type of the excitation system is also commonly known as a bus-fed or transformer-fed static system (see Fig.