statement of identity

state·ment of i·den·ti·ty

(stāt'mĕnt ī-den'ti-tē)
A mandate of the F.D.A. that a food label prominently shall display the common name of a food.
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Naming an enslaved child Toussaint in a slave society was a significant statement of identity and an act of resistance.
These products are required to have an appropriate statement of identity, net contents in English and metric units, ingredients listed in descending order of predominance, a nutrition facts panel unless exempt, an allergens statement (if applicable) and the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor.
According to the school's statement of identity, "The goal of Loyola High School is the formation of mature, responsible, Christian adults, in accordance with the tradition of the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus.
105 (4)(b)(9), it appears that regardless of whether a claimant is under oath, if at the time the claimant made any false material statement of identity, and at the time he made any of these statements, he knew the statements were false, incomplete, or misleading, then the statements fall within the scope of [section] 440.
Some meal replacement products use the term "meal" in the statement of identity, while others use the term only in romance copy and advertising to recommend uses: "occasional meal replacement," "meal supplement" or "snack.
This is nothing new; hijab has long been a statement of identity.
This collection of the Edinburgh band's first three singles to date is a glorious statement of identity and intention.
At the same time it constitutes a statement of identity for talented writers whose work may now gain the wider readership it deserves.
A statement of identity must also appear on the front panel.
Major topics in the guide include general dietary supplement labeling, statement of identity, net quantity of contents, nutrition labeling, ingredient labeling, claims, premarket notification of new dietary ingredients (NOIs) and other relevant labeling information.
The NDMA strongly rejects the argument that there's a need for revisions in the principal display panel, contending that current standards for statement of identity are sufficient to ensure consumer understanding.
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