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condition or situation.
alpha state the state of relaxation and peaceful awakefulness associated with prominent alpha brain wave activity.
anxiety state the condition of experiencing undue anxiety, as in anxiety disorders.
excited state the condition of a nucleus, atom, or molecule produced by the addition of energy to the system as the result of absorption of photons or of inelastic collisions with other particles or systems.
ground state the condition of lowest energy of a nucleus, atom, or molecule.
persistent vegetative state a condition of profound nonresponsiveness in the wakeful state caused by brain damage at whatever level and characterized by a nonfunctioning cerebral cortex, the absence of any discernible adaptive response to the external environment, akinesia, mutism, and inability to signal; the electroencephalogram may be isoelectric or show abnormal activity. Vegetative states raise ethical questions regarding appropriate care, use of resources, and allowing a patient to die.
refractory state a condition of subnormal excitability of muscle and nerve following excitation.
resting state the physiologic condition achieved by complete bed rest for at least 1 hour.
steady state dynamic equilibrium.
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A condition, situation, or status.
[L. status, condition, state]
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1. A condition or mode of being, as with regard to circumstances.
2. A condition of being in a stage or form, as of structure, growth, or development.
3. A mental or emotional condition.
4. The condition of a physical system with regard to phase, form, composition, or structure.
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Medtalk A condition. See Acute confusional state, Character state, Fugue state, Ground state, Herald state of leukemia, Hypercoagulable state, Lacunar state, Persistent vegetative state, Preneoplastic state, Silent carrier state, Thromboembolic state, Trance state, Vegetative state.
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A condition, situation, or status.
[L. status, condition, state]
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Patient discussion about state

Q. Do we have these drugs in the United States and could you give me some information about them? Hello friends, I am diagnosed as Fibromyalgia for the past 6 months and I have been talking to people across the world and they have suggested taking some drugs that I am unable to find here in the United States. The people I have been talking to are mostly people from Australia. They have recommended Lamictal and Ultram. Do we have these drugs in the United States and could you give me some information about them?

A. I took everything over the courter,they didnot work,i had to go to a rheumatologist. She put me on ultram.they work.try them.

Q. Is methotrexate available in the United States as a treatment for fibromyalgia? Last year I was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. I feel a lot of fatigue and stiffness. I came upon a website from where I read that rheumatoid arthritis causes those same symptoms and can be treated with methotrexate. After reading that, I purchased a half year supply of the drug over the counter in Mexico. It eliminated all of my symptoms. A month after my supply ran out, all the symptoms returned. Is methotrexate available in the United States as a treatment for fibromyalgia?

A. Yes fatigue and stiffness are some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Methotrexate is certainly available in the United States, but it is not approved for nor used as a treatment for fibromyalgia. It was originally developed to treat cancer and subsequently found to be very effective for a number of inflammatory disorders, such as RA and psoriasis. Because fibromyalgia is not an inflammatory disorder – that is, there is no identifiable inflammation in the muscles or joints in individuals with this condition – it is not clear why you responded to this drug. You should tell your physician about your response to methotrexate. It may be possible that you have an inflammatory disorder rather than – or in addition to – fibromyalgia.

Q. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit? I have a doubt even after updating with the local news. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit?

A. Wisconsin has seen nearly a two percent decrease in alcohol-related crashes and almost a fourteen percent decrease in alcohol-related fatalities a year after implementing a .08 law. Since South Dakota put .08 in effect in 2002, alcohol-related crashes have decreased by 2.1 percent from the average of the previous three years.

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Rogers wrote that "Shakespeare, when he created Othello with such stateliness and pride, taught that color had no effect on character."
Overall, the language and style have the kind of formality, and even at times stateliness, that acknowledge a classic work as a classic.
The name kenrokuen literally meaning "Garden of Six Attributes," refers to six qualities associated with garden landscape: spaciousness, tranquility, water elements, outstanding views, a sense of antiquity, and stateliness. Lanterns, bridges, and teahouses add to the appeal of the property, which allows for many observation outlooks in contrast to some Japanese gardens, which are viewed towards a specific vista or vantage point.
As Otto writes, "if an occasional off-colour scene shows up among the countless representations of the actions of Dionysus, the remaining scenes demonstrate in a most convincing manner that the maenads are characterized by a stateliness and a haughty aloofness"; he further contends that "their wildness has nothing to do with the lustful excitement found in the half-animal, half-human companions who whirl around them." In Otto's view, the "modesty" of the Dionysian women in ecstasy is explicitly emphasized in the face of the "malicious stories told about them" (Otto, 1965,177).
Rarely are stateliness, intellect, and an antic disposition blended as delightfully in a scholar/teacher/administrator as they are in Richard Badenhausen.
The sixth-generation BMW 7 Series is not merely a study in stateliness, but in materials science, as well.
The stillness, solemnity, and stateliness of this couple give the work a monumentality despite its deceptive simplicity.
Unton himself had a personal history with girl performers: he described his relationship with Lady Elizabeth Russell, author or "deviser" of the Entertainment at Bisham, as "as respective as of my own mother." (39) In the Entertainment at Bisham, shepherdesses chatter away wittily, but in the Unton portrait, Diana's maidens convey stateliness and artistic control through their physical action: from their movements we can just about gauge the beat of the music played by the broken consort.
Addressing a Police Darbar at Jumber Beat Central Zonal, he said, this was the only department of spectacular traditions upon which every Pakistani was proud and it was prime responsibility to conserve the stateliness and honor of this department at every cost and with all means.
Everything is faultless, from the minute the doorman pulls open the door for you, to the express welcome by lobby staff, to setting foot inside the dim and alluring elevator, to alighting onto the second floor where the Grill & Lounge await you with tranquil stateliness.
They are hardy, well-made fellows, often with pleasant faces, but not equal in stature or stateliness to their ancestral enemies, the Blackfeet of the plains east of Calgary.
"Granite's heavy stature and coarse texture add a feeling of stateliness to a garden."