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In 2010, Kuwait set up the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents in a new effort to find a solution to the issue and determine those who deserved the citizenship, - including residents whose stateless parents failed to register for citizenship following Kuwait's independence in 1961.
Without nationality, stateless persons are divested of protection and access to education, housing, employment, and other rights necessary for the survival of an individual, said Chief Paras.
As part of its commitment to the UN, DOJ released in 2012 its guidelines for refugees and stateless persons to provide them faster processing and better protection.
A press release said that although the report is based on research prior to late August when hundreds of thousands of Rohingya the worlds biggest stateless minority began fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh, their situation is nonetheless illustrative of the problems that years of discrimination, protracted exclusion and their impact on citizenship status can lead to.
In political terms, it matters whether Dominican-born persons of Haitian descent are left stateless if they are denied Dominican nationality because stateless persons are covered by the mandate of the UNHCR.
Joreige, who has a degree in Lebanese and French law, spoke during a ceremony at the Beirut Bar Association held at the invitation of the National Committee to Address the Situation of Stateless Children in collaboration with World Vision.
Of all the things she said, perhaps the most hurtful was when she said that I am stateless.
My entire life is a question mark," Vikash, a stateless 23-year-old in Malaysia, who was interviewed by the agency, said.
Cyprus has not acceded to any of the international treaties that provide for the rights of the stateless, while the current refugee crisis is making the problem more acute, participants heard, while some suggested the problem could be alleviated if children born in Cyprus to foreign parents could be given citizenship.
LONDON, Dhu-AlHijjah 7, 1436, Sep 21, 2015, SPA -- The European refugee crisis could risk creating a new generation of stateless children unless countries close gaps in their nationality laws, experts said on Monday, Reuters reported.
It is the first contact to ensure that people are not left undocumented or prevented from becoming stateless.