state hospital

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state hos·pi·tal

a hospital supported in part by taxpayers and administered by state government officials.
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Oregon State Hospital spokeswoman Patricia Feeny said they are making headway on the project.
State hospitals increasingly came under attack as outmoded, horrific warehouses for the hopelessly ill, further undermining the traditional approach to the care and treatment of the mentally ill.
Mississippi violates the ADA by denying residents with disabilities the services the law requires and the support they deserve, forcing them to cycle in and out of state hospitals, emergency rooms and jails.
Meanwhile, more than half of state hospital beds go to people who have been ordered there under a "forensic" commitment through the criminal justice system.
In addition to selling about 95 acres of the Westboro State Hospital to the town, the legislation sets up the framework for future sales of state hospital properties, and dedicates a portion of the Westboro State Hospital proceeds to fund mental health programs.
However, I suggest we now incarcerate a state hospital population far beyond that population.
30am over the staff shortages at their state hospital.
failed to win a contract from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to privatize the Kerrville State Hospital, one of the state's 10 psychiatric facilities.

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