state hospital

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state hos·pi·tal

a hospital supported in part by taxpayers and administered by state government officials.
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And at a February legislative hearing, Nichols grilled Janek about why the agency moved forward with a plan to privatize Terrell State Hospital, a 288-bed facility with 980 staffers, without vetting it with lawmakers.
I am pleased that the town of Westboro can take control of the valuable State Hospital property,'' Ms.
Page is a resident of one of the group homes on the grounds of the state hospital that are staffed 24 hours a day and are designed for patients who receive treatment but do not need to live within the hospital's secured perimeter.
Taunton State Hospital is one of only six state operated mental health facilities in the state to care for people suffering from acute and chronic mental illness, including providing care to some of the most challenging clients with a history of sexual assault and violence.
The State Hospital refused to confirm claims that a senior manager has been placed on "gardening leave" over an unrelated matter.
The Texas Council and BPS entered into an agreement to conduct a series of process benchmarking projects, commencing with the utilization of state hospital beds.
When the court-ordered deinstitutionalization of the remaining residents in Northampton State Hospital began in 1979, many of the elderly patients were transferred to area nursing homes and rest homes.
Located in San Luis Obispo County, Atascadero State Hospital received a second round of citations this November from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health - better known as Cal/OSHA - for continuous patient assaults on staff.
Contract award: Independent Advocacy Service to The State Hospital.
In another case, a mother reported that while in the emergency unit of another state hospital waiting room, her child handed her a used needle he found lying around.
Oliver was initially sent in April to the institution formerly known as Worcester State Hospital for a mental and physical health evaluation.
California facilities that have selected Ekahau's safety alerting solution, include: Atascadero State Hospital, Coalinga State Hospital, Metropolitan State Hospital, Patton State Hospital, and Napa State Hospital.

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