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, STAT (stăt),
Referring to a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that is to be performed immediately.
[L. statim, immediately]


adv. & adj.
With no delay; at once. Used especially in medicine.


abbreviation for the Latin word statim, "immediately."


Drug slang
A regional term for methcathinone.
Lab medicine
noun A term of art for a specimen, often from the ITU/ICU or A&E/ER, which is prioritised in a lab, as the results have a potentially immediate impact on patient management.

Serum glucose, haematocrit, white cell count, certain enzymes, PT, PTT, BUN, creatinine.
(1) Fast, quickly, immediately.
(2) STAT. A jocular acronym (Some Time After Tomorrow) for the opposite of stat, i.e., unlikely to be completed in the desired timeframe.

Molecular biology
Signal transduction and activation of transcription.
Stroke Treatment with Ancrod Trial.


Stat! Clinical medicine adverb Fast, quickly, immediately, schnell, vite Lab medicine noun A specimen, often from the ICU or ER, which is given priority in a lab to measure analytes with immediate potential impact on Pt management; 'stats' include serum glucose, hematocrit, WBC count, certain enzymes, PT, PTT, BUN, creatinine. Cf 'Stats' Medtalk Jocularly, Some Time After Tomorrow, the likelihood of having an event occur in the desired timeframe Neurology A clinical trial–Stroke Treatment with Ancrod Trial.


, STAT (stat)
Referring to a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that is to be performed immediately.
[L. statim, immediately]

STAT, stat.

Abbreviation for statim.
[L. immediately]
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