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AIDS A clinical trial–Selection of Thymidine Analogue Regimen Therapy Cardiology Any of a number of clinical trials
1. Saruplase and Taprostene Acute Reocclusion Trial.
2. St Thomas' Atherosclerosis Regression Trial.
3. Study of Thrombolytic therapy with Additional Response following Taprostene.
4. Stent versus Angioplasty Restenosis Trial.
5. Stent vs Directional Coronary Atherectomy Randomized Trial.
6. Stents And Radiation Therapy Evaluated the safety and efficacy of the Beta-Cath system, an intracoronary RT–ICRT device, in treating in-stent restenosis. See Stent.
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Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment



A procedure for quickly classifying injured patients according to the severity of their injuries and for treating those who are most severely injured first.
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Patient discussion about START

Q. When do you start counting your pregnancy? I want to know if after your last period you start counting your months of pregnancy.

A. so many doctors are counting from your last menstrual day.
so if you had your last menstrual period on 30 october 2008, and today is 5 december 2008, and you check yourself is positively pregnant -- it means you are 5 weeks pregnant already.

Q. Wigs after chemotherapy – where do I start? I ‘m 55 years old woman, and was diagnosed with colon cancer. After the operation (that went well, thankfully), I’m going to start chemotherapy soon. I was told that there’s a good chance I’ll loss my hair. I know it may sound captious, but my hair is very important for me. I was told a wig is a useful option. Does anyone have any tips?

A. Before you buy a wig, you should think if it’ll be comfortable for you. If you live in a hot and humid place, you may find wig very uncomfortable, especially as some kinds of chemo make the skin very sensitive.

Q. Where do I start in having my daughter tested for ADHD? I've suspected my daughter has had ADHD since she was 3. She can't seem to sit still and is always on the go. When other kids sit calmly, she just doesn't seem to be able to. She is 5 now and in school. I'd like to have her tested for ADHD. How do I go about this? Do I take her to her regular doctor to get this started?

A. I believe the best place to start is with a psychologist who specializes in ADHD. I would see who your insurance covers.In order for children to have ADHD, you would have needed to see symptoms since they were very young. So if you have seen these symptoms since age 3, then you do have a legitimate reason to get her tested. ADHD is also very hereditary. Many times a parent or grandparent has had similar symptoms.You might be able to start with your Pediatrician if you believe they can refer you to someone. However, they do not do testing and you will not want her to prescribe meds if she cannot do the appropriate tests.
Many children are over diagnosed in extremely high rates and over-medicated. So please take her to someone who will do many extensive tests and not simply label and medicate her.

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