starch equivalent

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starch e·quiv·a·lent

the amount of oxygen consumed in the combustion of a given weight of fat compared with that consumed in the combustion of an equal weight of starch; the figure is about 2.38, that for starch being taken as 1.


1. any of a group of polysaccharides of the general formula, (C6H10O5)n; it is the chief storage form of carbohydrates in plants.
2. granular material separated from mature grain of Zea mays (Indian corn, or maize); used as a dusting powder and tablet disintegrant in pharmaceuticals.

starch blockers
inhibitors of alpha-amylase, used to decrease starch digestion and limit energy intake from starch.
starch digestion test, starch tolerance test
a test to assess the ability of the intestine to digest and absorb a polysaccharide. Efficiency measured by the rise in blood glucose after oral administration of starch to an animal that has been fasted.
starch equivalent
an outmoded way of estimating and expressing the energy value of a feed. Replaced now by metabolizable energy.
starch inhalation
can occur in pigs in a poorly ventilated environment and when the feed is fed dry. Causes foreign body pneumonia.
starch-iodine complex
is a deep blue color and this is used as an indicator of the amount of starch in a solution.
starch tolerance test
see starch digestion test (above).
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