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He concludes that the star of Bethlehem may have been a rare close conjunction of the planet Jupiter (regarded by the ancients as the "king-planet") and the star Regulus (which Larson says was regarded by both Babylonians and Romans as the "king-star").
Other things are going wrong, including the sudden absence of one child, requiring Neil Caple to pay both Herod and Joseph and an astronomy buff (Karl Davies) as the Star of Bethlehem who insists the star should conform to physical reality.
In its 13th year, the city's tradition continues to honor Three Kings Day, a Christian celebration also known as the Epiphany that commemorates the Biblical story of the three kings, or wise men, who followed the star of Bethlehem to bring gifts to Jesus.
May the Babe Jesus, the Star of Bethlehem shine in your life and brighten every day of yours in 2006.
Children will also take part in a team power challenge, by racing their classmates to build the tallest tower and balancing the star of Bethlehem on the top.
Astronomical enigmas; life on Mars, the Star of Bethlehem, and other Milky Way mysteries.
Flower essences such as honeysuckle, gentian, gorse, walnut, and Star of Bethlehem are a wonderful way to work with the emotional and psychological issues associated with smoking.
The horoscope of Christ at times became only the evocation of the star of Bethlehem which appeared at the birth of Jesus, drawing attention to the image of the beautiful Virgin developed in the shadow of the theory of convergence.
Entitled Oh Little Star of Bethlehem, 1999, the piece was an inquiry into the sublimation of Germany's past and the reconstruction of German national identity.