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U-shaped stainless steel or vitallium units with sharp points used for surgical fixation.

epiphyseal staples
used to staple epiphysis to metaphysis; have metal bracing at the corners. Are driven in to the bone while held in a special holder and are removed with a similar special instrument.
soft tissue staples
come in a special appliance suitable for animal use. Are expensive but very saving of time. Used especially for skin closure, bowel anastomoses, ligation of pedicle, wherever conventional suturing is very consumptive of time or difficult because of awkward access.

Patient discussion about staples

Q. hemorroid stapling dose any one know about this first hand,or had it done themself? mail me if you have!Thanks Hi, I will have this done on 8/4 . I do need to have some info. about it from someone who has had it done what I need to know before hand!HOW MUCH PAIN, BLEEDING ect. Drs can only tell you so much because they do the surgery but not had it done themself. Please let me know soon, Please!

A. I haven't had it done first hand but I do know from people who have done it that it can hurt in the first few days after and there will be slight bleeding, however that is expected decrease dramatically and make the bleeding eventually stop.

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