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Relating to or marked by staphyloma.
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Relating to or marked by staphyloma.
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, staphyloma corneae (staf?il-o'ma) [Gr.]
Bulging of part of the uvea (choroid, iris, or ciliary body) into a thin, stretched area of sclera. staphylomatous, adjective

anterior staphyloma

Globular enlargement of the anterior part of the eye. Synonym: keratoglobus

ciliary staphyloma

Staphyloma in the region of the ciliary body.

equatorial staphyloma

Staphyloma in the equatorial region of the eye.

intercalary staphyloma

Staphyloma in the region of the union of the sclera with the periphery of the iris.

partial staphyloma

Staphyloma that extends in one direction, displacing the pupil. The remainder of the cornea is clear.

posterior staphyloma

A bulging of the sclera backward.

total staphyloma

An opaque, protuberant scar found in place of the cornea. It is caused by a perforation of the cornea resulting in poor vision, increased tension, and rupture of thin scar. Treatment involves incision, excision, and ablation.

uveal staphyloma

The protrusion of any portion of the uvea through the sclera.
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