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Four patients, in whom stapes footplate fixation was detected and stapedotomy was not performed simultaneously, were excluded from the study.
However, stapedotomy, in which the immobile stapes is replaced with a dynamic prosthesis, is a surgical option for restoration of hearing in otosclerosis (2).
Endoscopic surgery has been applied to a number of otologic operations, including tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, stapedotomy, cholesteatoma surgery, and cochlear implantation.
Small fenestra stapedotomy was first developed by Shea in 1962.
They may benefit from stapedotomy. This can be done in childhood and can result in better oral language development with or without hearing aid use, depending on the bone conduction levels.
Delayed facial palsy occurring some days or weeks following uneventful stapedectomy or stapedotomy is a rare symptom with a favorable prognosis.
(1) In stapedotomy, a small hole is performed in the fixed footplate under microscope magnification and piston prosthesis is inserted in the hole and connected to the long process of the incus from the other side.
There is one case in which stapedotomy has been shown to notably improve hearing in a 12-year-old [8].
Objectives: To compare post operative morbidity after stapedotomy with stapedectomy.
Patients fitted with prostheses after stapedectomy or stapedotomy were satisfied with the outcome and hearing benefit.