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'That stands to reason. Some conjurers say that number three is the magic number, and some say number seven.
"What can -- expect -- when hammering through -such -- Bound to leave -- something behind -- stands to reason."
'You may be cajoled into imagining that your own special trade or your own industry will be encouraged by a protective tariff, but it stands to reason that such legislation must in the long run keep away wealth from the country, diminish the value of our imports, and lower the general conditions of life in this island.'
In a statement, Panelo maintained that 'it stands to reason that they have to prove their accusation.'
The Queen is expected to attend with almost all other senior members of the Royal Family - and hundreds or thousands of well-wishers - so it stands to reason there will be proper security.
Seeing as the prisons are full, it stands to reason that it must be a soft touch.
It stands to reason then that when someone enters a work place and has a go for no good reason, they should always be called to account.
It stands to reason the more you practice, the better you get.
If it is true that one of the reasons Emiratis choose public sector jobs is due to the generous numbers of holidays that come with them, it stands to reason that this aspect carries only partial weight in addressing the issue of Emiratisation.
Ronnie's Animal Crackers BBC1, 7.30pm Mr Corbett is a lifelong dog lover - it stands to reason, because his best friend was a Barker.
It stands to reason that if there are a limited number of places for a small, but growing demographic to get something specific that is not being delivered elsewhere, it would draw a relatively large audience among the hugely fractured market....
It stands to reason that with over 25 million flights circling our planet annually, that's 70,000 aircraft spilling out moisture laden CO2 into the atmosphere every day, which mingles with and contaminates the jet stream, it is bound to affect its function, formation and direction.