standing order

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1. a taxonomic category subordinate to a class and superior to a family (or suborder).
2. the prescription of a physician regarding treatment of a patient.
standing order a physician's order that can be exercised by other health care workers when predetermined conditions have been met.

standing order

Medtalk Instructions for Pt management that are to be followed–usually by the nursing staff on a regular and consistent basis, unless instructed to the contrary–eg, SOs for medications or changing of wound dressings. Cf Standing order.
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A multicomponent RCT of standing orders for mammography and colorectal cancer screening found a statistically significant increase in screening for mammography, but not colorectal cancer.
To prompt and assist clinical staff in assessing and providing recommended vaccines for adult patients, standing orders or protocols are seen as integral to this process (Middleton et al.
These included a breakdown by department with titles listed in alphabetical order, individual costs, departmental subtotals, and a grand total; a summary for any department listing titles, editions received, item cost, and total cost; a list of standing orders in order of date received; a list of standing orders in order of source and the number of copies received; a list of standing orders not received during the current year; and a list of standing orders in call number order.
Suffice it to say, Jubilee Party has several options it can explore, including reconstituting its committees, and this is an inherent right recognised for all parliamentary parties in the National Assembly standing orders.
The standing order guideline is published on the Ministry of Health website: www.
Even after the introduction of Standing Order No 8, there were splits - the Provisionals, Officials, Real IRA and Continuity IRA.
Current account holders are typically charged an additional pounds 25 to pounds 30 for standing orders or direct debits paid out while over their overdraft limits.
The crime was discovered after the standing order was debited from the victim's bank account.
CHEQUES: Please make payable to the Echo Sunrise Fund/Charities Trust STANDING ORDER: Please tick here to be sent a standing order mandate form
Where before they had to cancel and re-start each direct debit and standing order individually, the bank does all the work.
At the next big trial, derived from a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Aaron Spelling's companies by an aspiring ``Melrose Place'' actress, the standing order was posted, with a key passage highlighted:
Cash-strapped East Ayrshire Council switched from the Royal Bank of Scotland to the Clydesdale Bank last month but forgot to tell home-owners who pay the tax by standing order.

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