standing order

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1. a taxonomic category subordinate to a class and superior to a family (or suborder).
2. the prescription of a physician regarding treatment of a patient.
standing order a physician's order that can be exercised by other health care workers when predetermined conditions have been met.

standing order

Medtalk Instructions for Pt management that are to be followed–usually by the nursing staff on a regular and consistent basis, unless instructed to the contrary–eg, SOs for medications or changing of wound dressings. Cf Standing order.
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The nursing staff continued to adhere to the standing orders for her wound treatment and sought lab work, nutritional changes, and a surgical consult.
Mike Payne, of the GMB union, which represents Mr Davis and Mr Powell, said: "I think the news that the surveillance contracts were awarded in contravention of the council's standing orders vindicates the GMB's position of full support for our members who have been spied on.
The standing order guideline is published on the Ministry of Health website: www.
Average penalties for bounced cheques and unpaid standing orders or direct debits have risen from around pounds 27 to pounds 32 between August 2003 and August 2006, financial research firm Defaqto said.
In total, we are hoping to raise pounds 8,000 in cash and a further pounds 12,000 per year in standing orders, so we are nearly there," added Annabel.
The crime was discovered after the standing order was debited from the victim's bank account.
At the next big trial, derived from a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Aaron Spelling's companies by an aspiring ``Melrose Place'' actress, the standing order was posted, with a key passage highlighted:
Cash-strapped East Ayrshire Council switched from the Royal Bank of Scotland to the Clydesdale Bank last month but forgot to tell home-owners who pay the tax by standing order.
According to the letter, "If physicians conclude that interpretations are always required and that a standing order is justified, it is pointless to require a separate individualized order for the consultation.
The specification concerns book supply services for the Library of the European Parliament, in particular the standard book supply service and standing order service for annual publications.
Standing Order 28(d) be amended to remove the sentence "An abstention shall not be entered in the Votes and Proceedings or the Journals" and that Standing Order 28(e) be amended to read "The names of the members voting on each side of the question and members abstaining from the question shall be entered in the Votes and Proceedings and the Journals, except on dilatory motions when the number only shall be entered.
Yesterday a Wrexham council spokesman said that request was refused because of their Standing Order 45 which says: "Proceedings at meetings may not be photographed, videoed, sound recorded or transmitted in any way outside the meeting without prior permission of the chair.

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