standing order

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1. a taxonomic category subordinate to a class and superior to a family (or suborder).
2. the prescription of a physician regarding treatment of a patient.
standing order a physician's order that can be exercised by other health care workers when predetermined conditions have been met.
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standing order

Medtalk Instructions for Pt management that are to be followed–usually by the nursing staff on a regular and consistent basis, unless instructed to the contrary–eg, SOs for medications or changing of wound dressings. Cf Standing order.
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For a listing of standing orders by source (Figure 3), use the following:
The strategy based on standing orders for nursing staffs to identify appropriate candidates and administer influenza immunization resulted in a significant increase in the vaccination rates.
class="MsoNormalSTANDING ORDERS class="MsoNormalBut Mr Mwaura termed the replacement null and avoid', saying Mr Mbadi did not follow the laid down procedure and Standing Orders in replacing the two minority leaders.
The former lawmaker cited Order 2, rule 2 of the standing orders of the Bauchi State House of Assembly 2017 as amended states that,' on the first day of the meeting of Bauchi State House of Assembly pursuant of the proclamation of the Governor of Bauchi State, members shall assembly at the time and place so appointed.Here no specification is mentioned of time of convergence'
In this case the procedure laid out in Plaid's Standing Orders (the rules by which the party operates) relating to complaints against members has demonstrably been carried out to the letter.
I know for a fact based on our engagements with the Armed Forces that they still have a standing order to arrest me,' he said.
One solution to enable student nurses to gain experience while on clinical placement, and to work within the Medicines Regulations, was a standing order. The guidance states the issuer of the order must be satisfied the authorised vaccinator understands their professional, legal and safety responsibilities and is able to assess the skills and knowledge of the student nurse.
Bank Nizwa customers who choose to pay their Zakat through the afore mentioned Bank Account are assured of a waiver of fees on all standing orders linked to this account.
It said: "Many of the newer social media technologies which exist today were either not an issue when the Standing Order was originally introduced in 2006 or were in their infancy and it is probably timely that a review of the current Standing Order be undertaken now, given the increased usage of social media.
The fact is that under this arrangement various institutions and large bodies can, provided a standing order has been made in their favour, apply to the bank for payment of any sum of money they wish.
"If a customer has a standing order to execute a payment from his/her account to a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries, the customer needs to advise the bank of the correct IBAN of the beneficiary.
A chapter of sample local rules presents rules of the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois; a chapter on sample federal district judge standing order presents the standing order of Judge Kimba Wood of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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