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1. To cause to conform to a standard.
2. To evaluate by comparing with a standard.
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* How critical is standardizing equipment or a specific process in supporting customer requirements a year or two from now?
mills owned by a large integrated paper supplier have begun standardizing by requiring service providers to pass the 10-hour OSHA General Industry Safety Course in lieu of a mill site safety orientation.
The ability to compare results of studies could be substantially improved by standardizing methods and reporting.
It follows that standardizing information formats would help CPAs gather, manage and report information more quickly, efficiently and accurately.
We believe the service we're providing is in standardizing the vocabulary."
"It's a combination of standardizing processes, standardizing reporting, and using technology as an enabler.
"Not right now," says Brown, who adds, "But there are elements of standardization that have gotten us a lot closer in the last few years." He cites his company's work with Ford on standardizing engine and transmission facilities as an example of how far the process has come.