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1. To cause to conform to a standard.
2. To evaluate by comparing with a standard.

standardization, standardize

See standard.
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Descartes' unique understanding of the ocean carrier environment in combination with the Company's robust rate and tariff database made our decision to standardize on Descartes technology a simple one," said Michael Laursen, Director/Business Applications, Maersk Sealand.
To maintain its market advantage, Alamo has chosen to standardize on SolidWorks because the software allows all of its divisions to streamline the design creation and review process.
Because these inconsistencies result from real differences in requirements from one business unit to another, it is not possible to standardize on a common data model for data warehousing.
These efforts will, when complete, standardize a Chemical Structure Access and Representation facility, computer representation and manipulation of Gene Expression, and an Entity Identification service.
The Platform Technology Committee, which is responsible for Analysis and Design technology based on OMG's UML specification and infrastructure standards based on CORBA, issued an RFP to standardize CORBA support for data parallel processing which will allow applications to partition processing large data sets across multiple processors.
Health Care Giant Standardizes More Than 7,000 Desktops with
ENTEX has worked together with Allina Health System's internal information technology professionals to standardize the company's operating platforms based on Microsoft NT technology.
The health care system consulted with ENTEX to standardize and implement the process.
Also in the infrastructure arena, the PTC initiated efforts to standardize methods to transmit CORBA network packets through firewalls, and to adapt Real-Time Object Request Brokers to emit alternative protocols needed for, e.
The DTC charters Task Forces to standardize technology in different areas.