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1. To cause to conform to a standard.
2. To evaluate by comparing with a standard.
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He acknowledges the problems of seeking to standardize the term, and shows that it has been used loosely in much social policy writing.
"Once I standardize, I know exactly what to expect the next time I install a line," explains Jeanne Geary, executive engineer at Ford's Powertrain Operations, "I don't have to waste time trying to predict what will happen in a new situation." Add to that the fact that the economies of scale that result from buying high volumes of the same machines can save 10 to 15% on capital investment, and it's not surprising that, according to Ted Brown, vice president of business development for equipment integrator Johan A.
The Guide will help your staff standardize international addresses, edit and abbreviate addresses to fit data-record formats, and make sure your international addresses are complete and deliverable.
The Internet provides a low-cost global communications network that even the smallest specialty parts supplier can access with a standard Web browser, serving as a common platform to standardize, automate and streamline business processes, enterprise-wide, in real-time.
In May 2002, HHS issued a final rule to standardize the identifying numbers assigned to employers in the health care industry by using the existing Employer Identification Number (EIN).
To answer your questions, the Agribusiness Internet Advertising Council (AIAC) -- a group of Web companies, media firms, advertisers and agencies -- is working together to define and standardize concepts relating to farm-oriented online advertising.
However, in all cases, it's absolutely necessary to standardize the final products if reliable, consistent therapeutic effects are to be achieved.

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