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1. To cause to conform to a standard.
2. To evaluate by comparing with a standard.
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This is a fully integrated standardisation process that employs automation hardware and software algorithms that react and adjust in real time for guaranteed ratio performance.
Shittu, therefore, revealed that Nigeria would join the ITU in the Bridging the Standardisation Gap (BSG) programmes by facilitating the efficient participation of the country in ITU's standard-making processes and hands-on sessions during the year.
'It is important to have global standardisation for [automakers] to expand markets through mobility services and for the safety of self-driving cars,' Ryu said.
The conference will see participation of the president of the International Organization for Standardization, heads of standardisation and accreditation organisations of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), technical heads of the regional and international committees of laboratory proficiency, a number of pioneering companies of the petroleum and petrochemicals sector as well as dignitaries and guests.
The memorandum of understanding (MoU) refers to issues such as cooperation in the field of standardisation at the international and national level, cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of certification of management systems, products and personnel, collaboration in the field of information technologies, training, etc., reported Emirates news agency Wam.
The symposium, organised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), will discuss the details of the telecommunication standardisation activities within the ITU during the next stage until 2020, said chairman of the symposium and former minister of information and communication technology Mongi Marzoug.
Standardisation and Metrology director Mona Alzeera said this course comes within the strategic initiatives of GCC Standardisation Organisation to achieve excellence in standardisation activities.
In fact, not only products are concerned: the Commission pushes for more standardisation in the services sector," said Riccardo Viaggi, secretary-general of the European Builders Confederation and expert member of the SBS.
Linking management forces, marketing standardisation and export performance: Empirical evidence from Portuguese SMEs.
Summary: Anuj Gulati, Managing Director and CEO, Religare Health Insurance, on standardisation of health insurance norms.
If approved in plenary in May, this text will constitute Parliament's response to the Commission's standardisation package of 1 June 2011, which revises the existing EU framework.

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