standard volume

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stan·dard vol·ume

the volume of an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure, approximately 22.414 L.

stan·dard vol·ume

(stan'dărd vol'yūm)
The volume of an ideal gas at standard temperature and pressure, approximately 22.414 liters.
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Besides these there were standard volumes of poetry, published by Phillips & Sampson, from worn- out plates; for a birthday present my mother got me Wordsworth in this shape, and I am glad to think that I once read the "Excursion" in it, for I do not think I could do so now, and I have a feeling that it is very right and fit to have read the "Excursion.
The standard volume of 410-litres can be increased to 520-litres with the rear bench in the fully-forward position.
Dividing each component mass by the density at standard conditions that is published for each pure component provides the standard volume at reference conditions of each NGL stream component.
Units of pressure, temperature, volume, standard volume or mass can all be changed in the field.
Multivariable transmitters directly compute the mass flow or standard volume flow for gases, steams, and liquids (hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon) with dynamic flow compensation from the parameters such as differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature.
The Environmental Protection Agency is more than one year late in announcing 2014 renewable fuel standard volume requirements, and also more than two weeks late on the statutory deadline for 2015.
For ensuring standard volume of the accessed reserves the overburden excavator has to advance mining excavator and return to the beginning of the following stope after working off of an overburden stope.
These compact controls replace the guitar's standard volume or tone controls and allow you to add coil tapping and other wiring mods to your guitar without the need to drill new holes.
Government adopted a standard volume of 25% of profit to be paid as dividends by the state companies.
com -- packed with information for the texture marketplace; new Powder Flow Pro Software with control capability for both standard volume (263 cc) and small volume (43 cc) shear cells on the Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester; and a new UNO Ink System that provides in-line real-time viscosity control for the printing industry.

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