standard temperature

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stan·dard tem·per·a·ture

a temperature of 0°C or 273.15° absolute (Kelvin).

stan·dard tem·per·a·ture

(stan'dărd tem'pĕr-ă-chŭr)
A temperature of 0°C or 273.15° absolute (Kelvin).
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10]): A straight-chain saturated (paraffinic) hydrocarbon extracted from both natural gas and refinery gas streams, which is gaseous at standard temperature and pressure.
In order to compare the prescriptive fire design and the performance-based fire design, two temperature curves of the standard temperature curve of ISO-834 and the actual temperature curve have been selected to calculate the temperature field as shown in Figure 10.
Multiple study findings have led to the recommendation that tympanic thermometers not be used routinely in pediatric or adult acute care due to poor agreement with reference standard temperature devices (Bridges & Thomas, 2009; Craig, Lancaster, Taylor, Williamson, & Smyth, 2002; Dew, 2010; Dodd, Lancaster, Craig, Smyth, & Williamson, 2006; Erickson & Meyer, 1994; Moran et al.
3, the structure of the coating after high-temperature hot-dip galvanizing is fundamentally different from the structure of the coating made at standard temperatures 450-460[degrees]C.
Adam Wilson, 11, a Year Six student from Qurrayah, said: "The guide showed us how all the rides work but what I found most interesting was how they maintained a standard temperature.
Although, the Canadian standard temperature of the operating room was much too cold for Haitians, we quickly improvised by providing extra blankets and warmers.
The temperature [of a refrigerated shelf] on which eggs were stored had a slight variation, compared to the standard temperature of 4 to 10 degree Celsius.
Built-in temperature compensation always converts results to a standard temperature of 20[degrees]C Its usable temperature range is 10[degree]C-70[degrees]C.
At standard temperature and pressure, solid aluminium is a lattice of ions, with a sea of free electrons in between.
5A[degrees]C, the standard atmosphere temperature in the stratosphere, and 661 kts at sea level, assuming a 15A[degrees]C standard temperature.

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