standard survey

standard survey (of nursing home care)

A regularly scheduled, on-site federal investigation of the quality of care provided in a nursing home The survey assesses compliance with rules promulgated by Medicaid and Medicare.
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This latest Eurobarometer standard survey was conducted after the European elections between 7 June and 1 July 2019 in all 28 EU countries and five candidate countries.
In the country as a whole, the Evening Standard survey found that 47 per cent are in favour and 23 per cent are undecided, putting the prohibitionists in a clear minority.
What the Nepali-Canadian living standard survey establishes, above all, is that Nepali-Canadians are striving to establish themselves as middle class members of the multicultural GTA despite facing structural barriers to achieving that status.
The group had conducted a standard survey throughout the nation with 2,209 total respondents who are voters across the board.
A standard survey interview has very many questions, and no time to ask for respondents to explain their answers.
(2012) analyzed the remittances influence on poverty in Nigeria by employing two alternate techniques of Multinomial Logit with IV and PSM by employing data of Nigerian National Living Standard Survey (NNLSS) for 2004.
The committee was informed that after international standard survey the report would be shared with the committee for selection of suitable location for the new airport in Peshawar.
"Based upon my review of the methodology and in comparing it to standard survey sampling procedures, it is my considered opinion that the methodology used to create this sample conforms to the standard practices of competent survey research.
Clients must use Quantum Workplace's 37 standard survey items and have 50 or more employees to be eligible.
She is an accredited investment fiduciary (AIF), founder of the consulting firm FiduciaryPath LLC and the longtime editor of the fi360 Fiduciary Standard Survey, which measures the fiduciary-related attitudes and activities of employee brokers, independent contractor registered reps, "hybrid" advisors and RIAs.
Most modern slavery is not visible to the general public, and victims may not be easy to identify using standard survey methods.
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