standard substance

stan·dard sub·stance

a pure, authentic substance used for identification purposes.
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For example, the "traceability" means testing the appropriate level of care measurement standards compared to measuring outcomes, "calibration , instrument calibration," " activities of comparable value measurement standard of measuring instruments under certain conditions, to establish a measurement result" , "Standard" Measurements executive, agent, designed to check for normal performance materials and component a standard substance, material properties change ""Test of a measuring device" means a conformity assessment activity to test the design of a measuring instrument by an authorized organization and to set the result of conformity assessment activities ".
Though it's too early to tell exactly how such exercises might find their way into standard substance abuse treatment, the findings suggest that taking a few minutes for "orchestrated positive experiences" may be something everyone should consider, says the study's lead author, Bettina Hoeppner, PhD, a senior research scientist at MGH s Recovery Research Institute.
Standard substance Regression equation Curcumin 7 = 9096.4% - 20.331 Desmethoxycurumin 7 = 9194.2% - 5.6895 Bisdesmethoxycurum 7 = 8601.1% + 2.2162 Standard substance Linear range ([micro]g/mL) Curcumin 3.3242~13.851 Desmethoxycurumin 0.6768~2.82 Bisdesmethoxycurum 0.4699~1.958 Standard substance Correlation coefficient ([r.sup.2]) Curcumin 0.9997 Desmethoxycurumin 0.9997 Bisdesmethoxycurum 0.9993 Table 4: Precision, repeatability, stability, and recovery of 3 curcuminoids.
Linearity of the proposed TLC method was determined by plotting peak area (A)[AU]versus concentration (x) of the proper standard substance: hydrocortisone acetate or lidocaine hydrochloride respectively, in [micro]g-[spot.sup.-1] (Table 2).
Unlike many standard substance use treatment programs, PHPs utilize a large drug test panel which typically includes over 20 substances, with even more expanded drug panels available for use as needed (DuPont et al.
[[delta].sub.1]]=solubility parameter of the standard substance (solvent) [(J/d[m.sup.3]).sup.1/2],
EMIT result 7-Aminoflunitrazepam Emit n Median (range), [micro] g/L 0 0 -- -- Negative, but >0 22 130 (80-180) 80 (60-120) Positive 100 350 (200-1000) 180 (60-1400) Emit + results are given as benzodiazepine equivalents with oxazepam as the standard substance. Emit cutoff is 200 [micro] g/L.
Quantitative adopts standard substance external standard method.
The difference is thatWestern medical practices require the side effects of medicinal substances to be clearly identified, explains Wei Lixin, a member of the Professional Commission of Ethnic Medicines and Traditional Chinese Medicines Standard Substances under the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission.
Four standard substances, certified for both density value and refractive index, can be used to certify or verify density and refractive index instruments or combined measurement systems.
Table 4 gives the linear regression equation, linear range, limit of quantitation (LOQs), and limit of detections (LODs) of eight standard substances.
Lot 4 - Replacement supplies available machines - 900 BGN; 5.Obosobena position 5 - Accessories - 500 BGN; 6.Obosobena position 6 - Cartridges for sample preparation - 1 000 BGN; 7.Obosobena position 7 - Certified reference materials - 450 BGN; 8.Obosobena position 8 - Standard substances - 1 200 BGN; 9.

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