standard score

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stan·dard score

a statistically referenced or derived score representing the deviation of a raw score from its mean in standard deviation units.
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The Tennessee experiment suggested that a 10 percent reduction in class size in grades K-3 raised students' standard scores by 0.06.
This highly reliable and valid test yields standard scores that are rated as either consistent or inconsistent with the child's expected functioning when compared to same age peers (Newborg, et al.).
The empirically selected cutoff score was 90; all children who received a standard score [less than or equal to] 90 were identified as needing further evaluation.
There were no differences in either WISC-III full-scale and subscale scores or WRAT-R standard scores as a function of experimental condition, all F < 1, all p > .5.
Previgil and postvigil standard scores for Task-Related Cognitive Interference were determined for each observer in the two vigilance conditions using the norm group mean and standard deviation for that subscale.
Table 1 Descriptive Statistics for the WAIS-III and the PPVT III Test M SD WAIS-III Verbal IQ 113.0 13.0 Performance IQ 114.6 10.8 Full Scale IQ 114.8 11.3 Verbal Comprehension Index 113.2 12.9 Vocabulary 12.6 2.5 PPVT III Standard Score Equivalents 112.0 10.4 Table 2 Correlations for the WAIS-III and the PPVT III Scores Test WAIS-III VIQ PIQ FSIQ VCI Vocab PPVT-III (SSE) .74 * .32 .67 * .76 * .79 * * p<.01 References
For each set, a standard score was determined using the formula
(For these comparisons, the raw scores on each test were converted to standard scores, and the standard score for each child on the achievement test was subtracted from that on the problem-solving test.
Standard score means of triers and nonusers were considerably higher than that of users (triers: M = .05, SD = .42; nonusers: M = .01, SD = .01, SD = .45; users: M = -.19, SD = .52).
The highest number of correct answers was found in the words IC (words spelling and semantically correct, but gramophonically irregular) with a standard score of 110.55.
Standard Score 1 lists standard scores of the set of relative search volumes.

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