standard sample

standard sample,

n a small portion of a substance that conforms to the specification for that particular material. It is used for evaluating other samples.
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12 Repeatable And Reproducible Data Generation From Gas Chromatography With Standard Sample Available And M And C Lab Kharagpur Workshop.
In the end, it was concluded that the suggested polymer is comparable to and can replace the standard sample.
The press features specially designed Accu-Heat heated tube platens for accurate temperature uniformity to [+ or -] 1[degrees] at 302[degrees]F; platens accept all standard sample mold sizes; a self-contained hydraulic unit; an AB Micrologix 1200 PLC with Micro View C400 operator interface; 1/16 DIN digital temperature controllers; a fully guarded clamp area with interlocked operator gate; an optional contact gauge for quiet operation; and an optional Yokogawa smart dact GX10 paperless chart recorder and remote, wireless access of heat and force data.
Table 1: Regression analysis of the plot of peak area versus concentration for each isomer Standard Sample Standard equation Alpha-tocopherol Y = 6.
05) increase in calcification compared to that of the calcium standard sample containing no calcium.
2 GMAC/s or 295 MIPS) at the standard sample rate of 48 kHz.
Among the topics are analyzing texture depth distribution by energy-dispersive diffraction, a standard sample package for calibrating X-ray stress measurement, studying ductile damage progression in an aluminum single crystal using synchrotron white X-ray, identifying weld residual stresses using diffraction methods and their effect on fatigue strength of high strength steel welds, and residual stresses in roller bearing components.
For the standard sample, it was difficult to scan after 1,000 h of accelerated aging as a few sections of the barcode had completely rubbed off due to poor ink adhesion.
By using such a standard sample, we would be better able to compare these studies and determine whether the lack of agreement was simply due to differences in sample populations or to analysis techniques.
Work is continuing to develop a standard sample preparation protocol for future analysis of the silica gel-bearing bauxite samples by commercial laboratories so that large tracts of the bauxite layer can be included in future resource estimations.
n] measured by gel permeation chromatography (GPC) of B1 and B2 were narrower than that of the standard sample A.
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