standard pressure

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stan·dard pres·sure

the absolute pressure to which gases are referred under standard conditions (STPD), that is, 760 mm Hg, 760 torr, or 101,325 N/m2 (that is, 101,325 Pa).

stan·dard pres·sure

(stan'dărd presh'ŭr)
The absolute pressure to which gases are referred under standard conditions (STPD), i.e., 760 mmHg, 760 torr, or 101,325 newtons/m2 (i.e., 101,325 Pa).
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This study compared the effects of QCG to a standard pressure dressing, the control, in a porcine model in the presence of hemodilution.
It uses conventional flow computers that accept the standard pressure, temperature and differential pressure inputs, (Photo 2).
Valves with standard pressure settings (150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 300, 325, 350, and 400 psig) are in stock.
Starter Dynipak": Dynisco's PT46OE transducer, ordered for any standard pressure range; a 1290 pressure indicator; and a mounting hole kit.
For the same volume, the increased pressure generated when air at the standard pressure of 10 N/[cm.
In a standard pressure load, the 115-grain JHP Winchester Silvertip and Federal 9BP seem most likely to stay in the offender's body.
Without getting into headache-inducing numbers like 35,000 psi and stuff, we got curious as to what you might expect "out of the barrel"--say, for a given 147-grain 9mm standard pressure load compared to a 147-grain +P?
Only standard pressure ammunition should be used in lightweight handguns.
The standard temperature is the freezing point of water and the standard pressure is one standard atmosphere.
Standard pressure values are 8, 10 and 13 bar and the flow regulation ramps down to 25 %.

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