standard metabolic rate

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standard metabolic rate (SMR)

the metabolic rate of a resting post-absorptive animal in a darkened chamber at a specified environmental temperature. For tachymetabolic animals SMR is BASAL METABOLIC RATE plus REGULATORY HEAT PRODUCTION Units: cm3 O2 h-1.
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marginalba reared under near-future climate scenarios, and (iii) any impact on standard metabolic rate (SMR).
To determine any significant differences in the growth, compression strength, and standard metabolic rate of the shell among family lines of C.
In studies involving Orthoptera, Hack (1997) measured standard metabolic rate (using fasting animals) in adult male field crickets, Acheta domesticus.
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Routine and standard metabolic rate data at each temperature were fitted to the allometric equation MR= a x [M.
Standard metabolic rate increased with body mass (range 1.
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Four days later the mussels were put back into the respiration chambers and left for 4 days to settle before oxygen consumption was measured to determine the standard metabolic rate.

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