standard gravity

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1. the phenomenon by which two bodies having mass are attracted to each other.
2. the gravitational attraction near a large body having mass, particularly near or on the surface of a planet or star.
specific gravity see specific gravity.
standard gravity (€g) the acceleration due to gravity at mean sea level, 9.80616 meters per second squared.
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77-78) operationalizes a standard gravity model that incorporates "a variety of factors for each of these [three proposed] properties, which we assumed to be in the center of each of these [three] regions.
The structure of table 3 Is similar to table 1; the first column displays the standard gravity equation where the economic size of exporter and importer countries and the distance between them are considered.
According to the standard gravity model, bilateral distance is a proxy for transport costs and cultural proximity between two countries;
Because of the differential relationship between the work with respect to gravity and kinetic energy as identified in this study, typical standard gravity correction methods applied during eccentric conditions may overestimate the effect of gravity on the limb-lever system, especially at higher angular velocities.
Last November it also opened an office in Trinidad & Tobago to market the suction sewage system, which reportedly costs 50% less than the standard gravity system.
The standard gravity model is extended to include regional dummies for North America (NA), the European Union (EU) and Japan.
For instance, error term [[member of].sub.ij] in equations (1) or (2) may be representing unobservable (to the econometrician) policy-related barriers--tending to reduce trade between two countries--that are not accounted for by standard gravity equation RHS variables.
If instead there are also homogeneous goods for which price is the principal determinant of bilateral trade patterns, then the standard gravity model needs to be supplemented with a model of bilateral trade in homogeneous goods.

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