standard gravity

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1. the phenomenon by which two bodies having mass are attracted to each other.
2. the gravitational attraction near a large body having mass, particularly near or on the surface of a planet or star.
specific gravity see specific gravity.
standard gravity (€g) the acceleration due to gravity at mean sea level, 9.80616 meters per second squared.

standard gravity (g)

the acceleration caused by gravity at mean sea level, 9.80616 meters per second squared.
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Furthermore, new operators entering saturated markets will have a vested interest in understanding their negative impacts on existing facilities to gain approval for their facilities and, hence, there may be pressure on the industry's consultants to retain the standard gravity model even when it is not the most accurate tool for evaluating economic and fiscal impacts.
The results of the model shows that the three standard gravity variables (GDP, GDP per capita and distance) are highly significant statistically at 5 percent level of significance.
exports and imports more with its adjacent trading partners, Mexico and Canada, and with East Asia and Japan than is predicted by the standard gravity model, but less with Europe.
Stacey and others believe that both attractive and repulsive forces fit neatly into new theories that have predicted two additions to standard gravity.

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