standard error

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standard error (S.E.)

(in statistics) the variability in scores that can be expected if measurements are made on random samples of the same size from the same universe of populations, phenomena, or observations. The standard error provides a framework within which a determination of the difference between groups may be made. It is an element used in determining statistic significance by means of a wide variety of formulas and methods.

standard error

Abbreviation: S.E.
A measure of variability that could be expected of a statistical constant following the taking of random samples of a given size in a particular set of observations. An important standard error is that of the difference between the means of two samples.
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standard error

an estimate of the STANDARD DEVIATION of the means of many samples, calculated as the standard deviation (s) divided by the square root of the number of individuals in a sample (n), i.e. s /Vn . See Fig. 288 . The SE can be used to assess any SIGNIFICANCE in the deviation of the mean of a sample from the true mean of the whole population.


something established as a measure or model to which other similar things should conform.

bacteriological standard of meat
the standard bacterial count of meat beyond which local legislation forbids the sale or use of meat. The international standard is for <107/g of meat and that Salmonella spp. should not be present in more than one of five 25 g samples, all held at 95°F (35°C) or 68°F (20°C) for chilled meat.
standard bicarbonate
in blood gas analysis this is the plasma level of bicarbonate, under specified conditions, which eliminates the influence of respiration on the values obtained.
standard deviation
a measure of the dispersal of a random variable; the square root of the average squared deviation from the mean. For data that have a normal distribution about 68% of the data points fall within one standard deviation from the mean and 95% fall within two standard deviations. Symbol is σ.
standard error
the standard deviation of an estimate.
standard error of mean
the sampling variability of the mean.
standard international (SI) units
see Table 3.
standard population
a population not yet divided into classes; the population against which each of its constituent classes can be compared.
standard Salmonella pullorum strains
strains that contain only small amounts of 122 antigen.
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The top panel of Table 2 contains the estimation bias, standard error, and coverage rates for [[beta].
As shown above, it is relatively simple to incorporate the sample design information necessary to estimate regression coefficients and standard errors from complex samples.
In terms of standard errors, we found higher ICCs between the standard errors of disability estimates from the original data and the multiple imputed data sets, whereas the ICCs between the standard errors of disability estimates from the original data and the incomplete data sets were close to zero.
Finally to find out the standard errors again some statistical expressions have been used.
This data set resulted in a model that provided a standard error of only 4.
4) corresponds to a Hoerl regression (3), with a standard error of S=0.
The standard error of the mean for the posttest academic responsibility data was SE = .
The sampling standard error of net undercount in the 2001 Census was estimated by ABS to be 1,306 in the NT.
England and Verrall (1999) use this approach in claim reserving and suggest a bias correction for the bootstrap estimate to allow the comparison between the bootstrap standard error of prediction and the theoretical approximation presented in the "Generalized Linear Models and Claim-Reserving Methods" section.
96 times the standard error of its estimate with 95 percent probability.
The most common and useful measure of precision is the standard error.
Units test specimens 50x30mm of their magnitude and one to four mm thick with a standard error of 1% for angles from 10 to 90[degrees].

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