standard cell

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stan·dard cell

an electrical cell having a definite known voltage; used to calibrate other electric cells.
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UbiquitiLink's patented technology allows standard cell phones, without any changes in hardware or software, to be connected virtually anywhere on the globe using low-earth-orbit nanosatellites.
ReGenesys will evaluate the potential for scaling the cell culture process by using multiple units to meet its manufacturing requirements and will further quantify advantages over standard cell manufacturing approaches.
The diffusion profiles in the emitters of the standard cell, the cell with ~5 nm amorphous-silicon film, and the cell with ~4nm poly-silicon film were analyzed by spreading resistance profile (SRP) technique.
The work is undertaken using standard cell digital libraries and not at the transistor level.
Previous attempts to "grow" inner-ear hair cells in standard cell culture systems have worked poorly in part because necessary cues to develop hair bundles-a hallmark of sensory hair cells and a structure critically important for detecting auditory or vestibular signals-are lacking in the flat cell-culture dish.
Used in a flexible standard cell configuration, the robot picks the parts from the shelf after cooling and feeds them to trim presses.
While there is certainly evidence that both MWT and EWT can offer incremental efficiency gains (approximately 0.4% and 1%, respectively) over traditional standard cell architectures, there are also large investment considerations alongside complete process changes.
The tower-top solution will become Ooredoo's standard cell site design across its markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, in line with the company's network modernisation strategy of upgrading or replacing 15,000 of its base stations over the coming years to deliver enhanced mobile broadband performance.
Manufacturers that supply a standard sequence for each batch of cloned standard DNA will make it an attractive choice over the standard cell line, which may be susceptible to genetic drift and not have a batch-to-batch standard sequence supplied by the US Food and Drug Administration or NIST.
Its main application areas are analog/RF and full-custom digital designs, IP libraries, standard cell libraries, high-speed I/O, FPGA and memory designs.WiCkeD enables customers to reduce the design time of their circuits and IP libraries, reduce power consumption, and maximize robustness, reliability and yield.
Dual SIM cell phones are also an asset for international travelers, who can use their devices to access their standard cell phone plans, with room for an extra SIM card for the current location.
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