standard cell

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stan·dard cell

an electrical cell having a definite known voltage; used to calibrate other electric cells.
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In the maintenance of the electrical units by the national standardizing laboratories and the International Bureau of Weights and Measures very important roles are played by material electrical standards of two kinds namely, the resistance standard and the standard cell.
If the standard cell libraries are incorrectly characterized or inappropriately applied at new PVTs, the accuracy of the entire SoC designs could be at risk.
With the time of developing Standard Cell ASICs in advanced processes getting longer and costing in the tens of millions of dollars, companies cannot afford to make mistakes.
SEOUL, South Korea -- Dongbu Electronics today announced the latest addition to its expanding portfolio of design support resources, namely the ARM([R]) Metro[TM] low-power high-density standard cell library for chips designed at the 0.
For additional information on AMI Semiconductor's structured digital products, including its full line of standard cell, XLArray[TM] and XPressArray[R] product families, visit: http://www.
Yamaha, a global leader in several businesses including musical instruments and consumer audio, will employ Virage Logic's Area, Speed and Power (ASAP) Memory(TM), High-Density (HD) and Ultra-Low-Power (ULP) memories and ASAP Logic(TM) Ultra-High-Density (UHD) standard cell libraries for its next-generation sound chip for multimedia phones (AudioEngine(TM)).
The 130nm standard cell product technology supports a wide range of I/O standards including SSTL, HSTL, LVPECL and LVDS.
Timing closure continues to be a challenge with high performance standard cell designs; leakage power is increasing exponentially in nanometer designs and can no longer be ignored.
Over 500 customers worldwide have licensed VeriSilicon's IPs and Standard Design Platforms (SDPs), including standard cell libraries, IO cell libraries, memory compilers, optimized specifically for wafer foundries covering 90nm, 0.
Our ASAP Logic UHD standard cell library was specifically architected to provide the lowest power and smallest area which enabled NemeriX to achieve the low power design targets for their GPS products.
has validated its standard cell libraries and embedded memories using the Cadence(R) Encounter(R) Conformal(R) Custom equivalence checking solution.
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