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The promotion is meant to encourage saving and stanch a bank run.
If we don't take action to stanch this illegal flow, then we will simply be inundated," he said.
If he can't stanch the stream of GI dead, The Democrats may use that shot instead.
As of late 2002, Texas had 185 charter schools and the process for handing out charters has been slowed by the state so it can stanch the loss of money and improve the operations of charter schools.
The 2003 Legislature meeting in January must stanch this hemorrhaging of professors from state universities.
The ministry said about 1,000 people were given these tainted blood products to stanch bleeding, and several hundred may have been infected with hepatitis B or C as a result.
Should policymakers embrace structural reform, stanch losses at the central bank, and tighten fiscal policy, Costa Rica's ratings would be raised, S&P said, noting that the ratings are constrained at the current levels by weak "public finances, tepid commitment to structural reform, an opaque offshore banking system.
The government tried to stanch this fiscal hemorrhage by capping the supply (certificate of need or CON restrictions) and price (limits on reimbursement) of Medicaid beds.
JDP resident Francois will be lending stanch support on the night.
This ruling should serve to stanch other tenant-inspired constitutional challenges to the luxury decontrol law.