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A persistent decline in performance due to high-volume, high-intensity training (over-training), which affects up to 2/3 of elite long-distance runners at some point in their careers Features Sleep disturbances; muscle soreness, perceptual changes—familiar routines seem more difficult—clinically significant depression
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o·ver·train·ing syn·drome

(ō'vĕr-trān'ing sin'drōm)
A group of symptoms resulting from excessive physical training; includes fatigue, poor exercise performance, frequent upper-respiratory tract infections, altered mood, general malaise, weight loss, muscle stiffness and soreness, and loss of interest in high-level training.
Synonym(s): burnout, staleness.
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During the summer, the incoming fresh air is partially dehumidified by the outgoing cool dry stale air.
"We did interview Terry but our number one choice was Stale and we are looking forward next season to start the fightback."
Some are even arguably theologically incorrect, but the word stale is an overtly pejorative term, and its use spoils an otherwise interesting article.
Fisher, a creative identity consultant, surveys the graphic image and identity-transformations of 50 companies, briefly discussing the crisis that occurs with a stale identity and the need for a logo, letterhead, or website that reflects the changes occurring within a company.
Many brewers attribute stale, cardboard flavor to trans-2-nonenal.
Stale cigarette smoke is another irritant, while almost a third of women, but only 8% of men, complained about the smell left by their children and vomit.
Stale tobacco also features prominently in the Top 5 of both men and women drivers.
But the problem with the advertising campaign designed to bring in those tourists is that it reinforces the same stale images of Japan that tourists already associate with the country.
What she does say is as stale as yesterday's lunch.
Gaston (Troy Stale University Press, January 1978).
By focusing on the development of the brain rather than culture and curriculum, progressives have squandered untold resources on unfruitful developmental research and theory, on stale positivism.