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To walk unsteadily; to reel.


staggers (used with a sing. verb) Any of various diseases in animals, especially horses, cattle, or other domestic animals, that are characterized by a lack of coordination in moving, a staggering gait, and frequent falling.

stag′ger·er n.
stag′ger·y adj.
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The spirit of Ed Wood lives on in the staggeringly inept A Sound Of Thunder
Leading the pack is the staggeringly wealthy Russian owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich.
But if you really want to shock your neighbours, then pay anything between pounds 42,905 and pounds 57,840 for the luxury Phaeton limo, which is staggeringly good but also staggeringly expensive for a VW-badged car.
First of all, unlike any other naked-boy show you've seen, the whole enterprise is staggeringly straight.
But the ROH board (accused of being staggeringly ignorant about how a ballet company operates) was persuaded to offer performers acceptable year-round contracts; the backstage staff fared less well.
Because protons and ions do not easily radiate the energy they absorb, they reach staggeringly high temperatures in the disk, as great as 1 trillion kelvins.
It lies on the edge of the little town on a beautiful gently rising meadow that makes a blunt north-pointing promontory overlooking Lake Kiurujarvi in north central Finland: a staggeringly fine site, marred somewhat by the fact that there is a (non-odorous) sewage works to the south-east, in part between the new building and the town.
Using the IRS would radically reduce the staggeringly expensive defaults by centralizing collections, saving money that could then be funnelled back to students.
Its ambition is matched by its execution, as you dive into a staggeringly vast world offering everything from carefully planned heist action to a set of tennis and a spot of yoga on a mountain top.
To block off a space in the run-up to Christmas is foolish, but to do it permanently and with a sign declaring parking restrictions is staggeringly insensitive.
A firm favourite with both impressionable teens and doting nanas, this smooth bunch have, staggeringly, since their inception in 1998, sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and have several multi-platinum albums to their name.