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To walk unsteadily; to reel.


staggers (used with a sing. verb) Any of various diseases in animals, especially horses, cattle, or other domestic animals, that are characterized by a lack of coordination in moving, a staggering gait, and frequent falling.

stag′ger·er n.
stag′ger·y adj.
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Hyperconjugation, not steric effects, makes staggered ethane stable, they conclude.
The attacker's movement will again put him in a staggered stance with his penetration leg forward and his weight on the back foot.
The ESL series has a V-shaped row of staggered rotor knives.
3 Delivery Of This Item Shall Be Staggered At The Quantity Of 35 Percent Plus 35 Percent Plus 30 Percent Of The Ordered Quantity With The Corresponding Staggered Inspection And If The Order Is Placed On More Than One Firm, The Delivery Period Among Them Shall Also Be Staggered So To Avoid At A Line Bunching Of The Material.
Boozed up Wilkinson, 47, staggered home with his four-year-old stallion Jock after visiting a horse mart.
CR grinders feature staggered rotor with disposable cassette knives, eliminating resharpening and resetting, and are also available in CRA auger-feed models.