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To walk unsteadily; to reel.


staggers (used with a sing. verb) Any of various diseases in animals, especially horses, cattle, or other domestic animals, that are characterized by a lack of coordination in moving, a staggering gait, and frequent falling.

stag′ger·er n.
stag′ger·y adj.
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And although you're unlikely to find much decent blues at the record store in your local shopping mall, you might run into Stagger Lee, whose story has been retold by more than 190 performers, including the Grateful Dead and Neil Sedaka.
8-inch-diameter screw extruders, that the effect of channel fill on dye distribution is larger than that of percent stagger.
Beaudoin brings his own style to 7 Minute Stagger, which complements fellow guitarist Erik Zarazinski.
The stagger screen (by 5 and 2) will not only free up 1 for a "3" but eliminate the help that X4 desperately needs to defense 4 in any isolation situation on the block.
As my grueling quest for fabulosity staggers on well past my early twentysomething period, becoming increasingly graceless and impatient, I can leave no stone unturned.
After 1 scrapes off the stagger screen, 5 will roll to the basket and 3 moves up to the top of the key.
A spokesman for Transport 2000 said: "Moves to stagger school opening times in order to stagger the school run are sending the wrong message to parents.
Hear it all for yourself when 7 Minute Stagger takes the stage at 9 Saturday night at Ralph's Rock Club, 148 Grove St.
Every "play" implements the "pick-the-picker" concept of using backscreens, double-screens, stagger screens, down screens, "big on little" screens, and "little on big" screens to help discourage defensive switching on screens.
A TD has called for Dublin schools to stagger their opening hours in a bid to ease traffic gridlock.
We also need to stagger the closing times of clubs to prevent overcrowding.