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To walk unsteadily; to reel.
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staggers (used with a sing. verb) Any of various diseases in animals, especially horses, cattle, or other domestic animals, that are characterized by a lack of coordination in moving, a staggering gait, and frequent falling.

stag′ger·er n.
stag′ger·y adj.
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The landlord staggered into the room, followed by a young man.
Though he could neither stand nor walk, he involuntarily staggered to his horse, climbed upon his back, and clung there.
Francis Bacon used to roll drunk out of the Colony Room in Dean Street and stagger home to paint a masterpiece.
stagger their boards and other firms decide to destagger their boards.
Examining the Effect of a Staggered Board on Firm Value 1489
Sources close to INEC, however, told Sunday Tribune that besides the logistic reasons cited by Yakubu, some forces in the polity had also planned to force INEC to conduct a staggered election.
It was learnt that whereas the chairman of INEC was busy assuring the nation that his commission was ready for the election, some members of staff of the commission were also busy planning to frustrate the election in league with some external forces who wanted a staggered election to forestall a possible defeat for a political party.
Prospect Heights officials are floating the idea of an April 2 referendum to create staggered election cycles, but as an independent rather than city-driven initiative.
A proposal for staggered school holidays in a bid to address overcrowding at tourism hotspots and help boost the industry has received a mixed reaction, with some saying that it may be good for the tourism sector while others point to possible problems affecting education and family life.
I picked an apple off the ground the other day and out staggered a wasp, which stung me.
The concept of the staggered board was implemented as an anti-takeover measure, Mr.
I was staggered to find out that in Iceland, because of low energy prices and a naturally cooling climate, there are thousands of PCs making money out of this new currency phenomenon.