stage fright

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An episode of performance anxiety preceding a public event, which may affect speakers, stage actors—hence the alternate, term ‘stage fright’—and soloist musicians; it may respond to anxiolytics

performance anxiety

A physiologic “fight-or-flight” reaction that occurs in an anxious person carrying out an activity in the public eye (e.g., those in entertainment, public speakers and others)

Clinical findings
Tachycardia, tachypnoea, hypertension, increased muscle tone.

Functional impotence due to personal concerns about poor sexual performance.
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stage fright

Performance anxiety, see there.
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She now shares her cure with everyone in her new book, The Stage Fright Cure, which comes with online demonstration videos at the website.
Bocelli's stage fright is a constant companion but he says he abstains from drugs or medicine to combat it.
- There seems to be a separate female experience of stage fright.
Michelle Yard, a veteran of Mark Morris Dance Group says, "I get stage fright all the time!" Yard reveals that she's slightly panicked every time she steps onstage, though not to the point of being frozen in her tracks.
But despite the show's success in London, Morgan suffers from stage fright.
These chapters examine such issues as stage fright, psychosomatic aches and pains, self-talk, criticism, visualization and so forth.
Techniques taught to theater students to promote relaxation and confidence also prevent stage fright in everyday life.
In fact, the strategies used in the "Fear and Loathing" program to overcome "stage fright," (aka communication or public speaking anxiety) also reinforce content and skills acquisition.
Hall was then mentored by the Indigo Girls, who played at their concerts the first song she'd ever completed, hired her as their guitar tech, and encouraged her past her stage fright into becoming their opening act.
In other words, Viagra and its relatives appear not so much to be an answer to a medical condition as an antidote to stage fright.
Gorgeous actor Matthew Rhys has revealed he uses yoga techniques to combat stage fright. Currently starring on the Stratford stage as Romeo, the Cardiff actor told us: 'I've always avoided anything like that, it's not really me.