stage, surgical

stage, surgical,

n a period or distinct phase in the course of anesthesia.
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In sections on setting the stage, surgical techniques and implants, and post-operative considerations and enhancements, they discuss such facets as preparing the ocular surface for cataract and refractive surgery, educating patients, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, the toric intraocular lens: successful strategies, excimer laser enhancements after intraocular lens surgery, and enhancements with micro-radial keratotomy or astigmatic keratotomy.
Age, breed, tumor location, stage, surgical margins, diagnosis, COX-2 score, and treatment duration with selective COX-2 inhibitor for each patient are listed in table 1.
We also tallied their profile based on patient age, pre-treatment PSA, prostate volume, clinical stage, pathological Gleason grade and stage, surgical margin status, nerve-sparing (NS) procedure and lymphnode status.