staff model HMO

staff mod·el HMO

(staf mod'ĕl)
Arrangement under which physician providers are salaried employees of a health maintenance organization (HMO).
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Ungvary said he thinks that, even if the new, narrow networks are often too small for many enrollees to keep their doctors, they are still larger than the staff model HMO networks of the 1980s.
The primary care clinics are very similar to the staff model HMO where providers are salaried employees of the HMO, and the clinics are owned by the HMO.
Peek, two of the most vigorous advocates of these approaches, stated at a national conference of the Collaborative Health Care Coalition in July 1995, their belief that "we are at a unique moment in health care history to transform our care systems," meaning that the staff model HMO had the potential not only to bring primary care medicine back to center stage, but also provide the platform for truly integrated primary and specialty care medicine within a framework that emphasized collaboration between patient, clinician, and family (Peek & Heinrich, 1995).
This study evaluated the chlamydia and/or gonorrhea reporting practices used during 1995-1999 by clinicians affiliated with three large MCOs: chlamydia and gonorrhea reporting at HealthPartners, a staff model HMO in Minnesota, and at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (HVMA), a large group practice in Massachusetts that was a staff model component of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care during the study period; and chlamydia reporting at Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan of Colorado (KPCO), a group model HMO.
The fact that the cost analysis occurred within a staff model HMO may limit its application to practice settings in which other forms of reimbursement predominate.
The Lovelace HMO developed from a staff model HMO and hospital with one location in Albuquerque to the current statewide HMO and network we are today.
The two most common types are the staff model HMO and the independent practice association (IPA) HMO.
Staff Model HMO - A form of an HMO in which physicians are employees of the HMO.
Access to staff model HMO physicians by non-HMO members is usually prohibited.
Gone is the staff model HMO that restricts patient access to the specialist.
A random sample of patients in whom upper respiratory infections (URIs) (n=334) or acute bronchitis (n=218) were diagnosed within a 12-month period was selected from a large multispecialty group practice whose population was predominantly fee-for-service (FFS) and from a staff model HMO.