staff education

staff ed·u·ca·tion

(staf ed'ū-kā'shŭn)
Teaching of nursing, medical, and other members of the health care team; process of assisting staff to gain knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes for maintaining and improving competencies.
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Results indicate that developing deliberate approaches allows us to see more clearly the possibilities for a cohesive, transformative staff education pedagogy.
The project aimed to improve and modernise patient counselling and staff education both within the unit as well as nationally and internationally.
When Nurses Hurt Nurses by Cheryl Dellasega has a number of helpful assessment tools and exercises for self-improvement but also for student and staff education. It was published in 2011 by Sigma Theta Tau International.
In addition to external efforts, Hawkes is part of a team inside the company that works to coordinate staff education programs.
The NCCDP/ICCDP also offers free, downloadable staff in-service materials for trainers, professors and in-service directors in honor of our Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Staff Education Week, Feb.
Quabbin Valley kicked off its respiratory program one year ago with the addition of Joel Watts, a certified respiratory therapist, who has laid the groundwork for the cardio-pulmonary program by providing a variety of respiratory services, staff education and training.
A TYNESIDE hospital trust has opened a new staff education centre.
Air Cmdr Kayani, who retired in 1999 as Assistant Chief of Air Staff Education, joined Pakistani Air Force (PAF) as commissioned officer in 1968.
According to the company, the goal of "Our Marvelous Oceans" is to foster greater understanding of the marine environment through guest and staff education and commitment to sustainably sourced seafood on shipboard menus.
She is responsible for all staff education and serves as a consultant.
The t-shirt day was one of many activities throughout the entire month of October, including an internal staff education campaign, staff photo contest, community flyer distribution, and live radio remote to promote the importance of early detection, treatment and the fight for a breast cancer cure.
ABERTILLERY food producer Tillery Valley is investing in staff development and training with the introduction of a new staff education programme.
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