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, pl.


(stā'dē-ŭm, -dē-ă),
Obsolete term for a stage in the course of a disease, especially of an acute pyretic disease.
[L. fr. G. stadion, a fixed standard length]


/sta·di·um/ (sta´de-um) pl. sta´dia   [L.] stage.
stadium decremen´ti  the period of decrease of severity in a disease; the defervescence of fever.
stadium incremen´ti  the period of increase in the intensity of a disease; the stage of development of fever.


[stā′dē·əm] pl. stadia
Etymology: Gk, stadion, racetrack
a significant stage in a fever or illness, such as the fastigium of a febrile illness or the prodromal stage of a viral infection.


(sta'de-um) [Gr. stadion, alteration]
A stage or period in the progress of a disease. See: fastigium

stadium sudoris

The sweating stage of a paroxysm of malaria.
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