The betaine of l-proline found in alfalfa, chrysanthemum, and citrus plants.
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In the aerial parts of Leonurus cardiaca, there are ingredients belonging to the group of terpenes, including monoterpenes such as iridoids [8], diterpenes of clerodane [9], furanolabdane, and labdane types [10], triterpenes including ursolic and oleanolic acids [11,12], nitrogen-containing compounds such as leonurine [13] and stachydrine 14], and phenylpropanoids such as lavandulifolioside [6], as well as flavonoids [15], phenolic acids [16], volatile oils [17], sterols [18], and tannins.
The major pharmacologically active constituents of LH extracts are alkaloids, such as stachydrine, leonurine, leonurinineand betonicine.
Changes in several bioactive plasma metabolites related to oxidative stress such as indole-3-propionate (IPA) and stachydrine were measured in DCM patients.