The betaine of l-proline found in alfalfa, chrysanthemum, and citrus plants.
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Betonicine, stachydrine, methyl glucopyranoside (a + (5), dihydroferulic acid, and galactonate were proposed as new metabolic signatures to distinguish the intake of orange juice with different polyphenol content in the BIONAOS study, which compared a normal-polyphenol orange juice with a high-polyphenol orange juice for 12 weeks in a randomized parallel study (43).
Wu, "Stachydrine ameliorates isoproterenol-induced cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis by suppressing inflammation and oxidative stress through inhibiting NF-[kappa]B and JAK/STAT signaling pathways in rats," International Immunopharmacology, vol.
In the aerial parts of Leonurus cardiaca, there are ingredients belonging to the group of terpenes, including monoterpenes such as iridoids [8], diterpenes of clerodane [9], furanolabdane, and labdane types [10], triterpenes including ursolic and oleanolic acids [11,12], nitrogen-containing compounds such as leonurine [13] and stachydrine 14], and phenylpropanoids such as lavandulifolioside [6], as well as flavonoids [15], phenolic acids [16], volatile oils [17], sterols [18], and tannins.
Except essential oil, plants in this family can also produce alkaloids, for example, leonurine and stachydrine, with many physiological functions [12,13].
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The major pharmacologically active constituents of LH extracts are alkaloids, such as stachydrine, leonurine, leonurinineand betonicine.