stable fracture

sta·ble frac·ture

a fracture that does not tend to displace after it has been reduced and immobilized.
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A similar case was also included in the current study, with neck strangulation and cervical spine stable fracture of C4 with dupatta entrapment around neck.
In our study, delayed union was defined as absence of clinical and radiological signs of union after 12 weeks of stable fracture fixation without any sign of infection.
X-rays later revealed he sustained a small stable fracture which will be managed conservatively.
MICHAEL HEARD faces a long spell on the sidelines after suffering a stable fracture of the T6 vertebrae in a nasty fall at Cheltenham on Sunday.
They diagnosed it as a stable fracture and thought that continuing to ride my bike wouldn't do it any harm," said Thomas.
It is what they call a stable fracture, which means there has been no nerve damage.
At room temperature and at quasi-static conditions (low loading rates), the mechanical response for either the PP homopolymer or the controlled-rheology PPs was clearly nonlinear with stable fracture (35).
Several aspects are considered to get a comprehensive fracture pull-out model, they are: (1) Fracture capacity of embedded fiber is a function of Poisson's ratio of fiber, (2) some stages exist during the fracture pull-out process, (3) a 'jagged' phenomenon exists on strain-hardening part of load-displacement (P-[delta]) and stress-strain ([sigma]-[epsilon]) curves of pull-out, and (4) unstable and stable fracture process phenomenon exist during the fracture pull-out process.
On January 8 a third doctor visited him at home and the following day he was finally taken by ambulance to Wansbeck General Hospital and given an X-ray which confirmed a stable fracture in his spine.
He has a stable fracture of the T12 vertebrae but there is no neurological damage, ie he is moving everything fine," she said.
He has a stable fracture of the T12 vertebra," she said, "but there is no neurological damage - he is moving everything fine.