stable fracture

sta·ble frac·ture

a fracture that does not tend to displace after it has been reduced and immobilized.
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In our study patients with stable fracture mobilizes early as compare to unstable fracture.
He also suffered a stable fracture to the top and bottom of his spine and a fractured elbow.
It was a stable fracture versus an unstable fracture.
Based on functional outcome, lameness grading and radiographical observations for a period of three months, it could be concluded that locking compression plating technique could provide stable fracture fixation for complicated diaphyseal fracture of femur in dogs.
Figures 6 and 8 show that the uniaxial compression failure of the fractured rock mass underwent an elastic stage, a stable fracture propagation stage, an unstable fracture propagation stage, and a stable residual stage.
Although some authors have reported on good results after nonoperative treatment, currently the only indication for this is in an elderly patient with a stable fracture pattern without displacement and a well-fixed component [10, 11].
A similar case was also included in the current study, with neck strangulation and cervical spine stable fracture of C4 with dupatta entrapment around neck.
"X-rays later revealed he sustained a small stable fracture which will be managed conservatively."
MICHAEL HEARD faces a long spell on the sidelines after suffering a stable fracture of the T6 vertebrae in a nasty fall at Cheltenham on Sunday.
"They diagnosed it as a stable fracture and thought that continuing to ride my bike wouldn't do it any harm," said Thomas.
[6] proposed two new concepts the stable fracture energy [G.sub.FS] and unstable fracture energy [G.sub.FU] to describe fracture responses for different crack propagation periods.