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stable fly

A fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) that sucks the blood of domestic animals and humans.


fly agaric
a mushroom. See amanita.
fly biting, fly catching
behavior by dogs that looks like an attempt to catch a nonexistent flying object, hence the name. When repeated or continual, believed to be a form of partial seizure or hallucinations.
fly control
limitation of fly population by disposal of rotting animal tissue, use of insecticides in sprays, back applicators, impregnated ear tags or pet collars, liberation of sterilized males, fly traps.
fly dermatitis
biting flies will inflict skin damage on the face and particularly ear tips of outdoor dogs, causing bleeding, dried crusts and moderate irritation that sometimes leads to the development of auricular hematomas. Also reported to be a common problem in zoo bears.
ear tip fly bite
see fly dermatitis (above).
forest fly
see hydrotoeairritans.
head fly
see hydrotoeairritans.
horn fly
louse fly
sand fly
stable fly
fly strike
cutaneous myiasis.
fly worry
all fly infestations cause worry to their host animals. Heavy infestations with black flies in horses and buffalo flies in cattle may cause deaths from worry, blood loss, interference with grazing and intercurrent disease. See also fly dermatitis (above).


1. animal accommodation, usually for horses.
2. to accommodate an animal in a stable as distinct from running at pasture.
3. steady; not easily swayed.

stable blackleg
caused by the germination of latent spores of Clostridium septicum in tissues. The clinical disease is similar to blackleg.
stable cough
any of the viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract of horses, but most commonly equine influenza.
stable fly
stable footrot
see stable footrot.
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In order to make this happen, researchers from INTA-MAG, with support of the Joint Division, rear stable flies and wasps side-by-side.
Sustained releases of the pupal parasitoid Spalangia cameroni (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) for control of house flies, Musca domestica and stable flies Stomoxys calcitrans (Diptera: Muscidae) on dairy farms in Denmark.
Stable flies love old wet hay bales, chicken litter, and any type of moist vegetation like old straw or grass clippings.
We also believe that similar weather-related movements are bringing stable flies to zoos in Chicago and Virginia.
We had attempted to incorporate stable flies from the field many times before, but the various attempts were unsuccessful.
Commercial and naturally occurring fly parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) as biological control agents of stable flies and house flies (Diptera: Muscidae) on California dairies.
In small areas manure provides an ideal breeding site for large numbers of both stable flies and houseflies.
Depending on the species of beast that bites you, it can really hurt, for example if you're bitten by horse flies or stable flies.
Stable flies are similar in size and appearance to houseflies.
Although DEET is effective against chiggers, blackflies, biting midges (punkies or no-see-ums), stable flies, sand flies, bed bugs, head lice, fleas and leeches, most of DEET's research has centered on its repellent properties against mosquitoes and ticks.
Intermittent blood-feeding dipterans, like tabanids and stable flies have demonstrated a vectorial ability for disseminating A.