stable equilibrium

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sta·ble e·qui·lib·ri·um

equilibrium in which, after every small perturbation, the original state will tend to be restored.
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Equilibrium can become unstable and a periodic solution may appear or a new stable equilibrium could appear making the previous equilibrium unstable.
2) The stable equilibrium point disappears at a critical steering angle [[delta].
A sufficiently strong disturbance, how ever, will put the system out of the metastable state, and the system will pass into a new state of stable equilibrium (Tschoegl, 2000).
Consequently, a new stable equilibrium point will be reached at [Y.
b] found, will be the correct values for central density and pressure, mass and radius of the configuration in stable equilibrium.
It will take time to find a stable equilibrium," he said in his speech in Brussels at the annual conference of heads of EU embassies abroad.
As you may recall, the Left champions radical change spurred by boundless compassion, while the Right wants to check the passions of human nature as they flow into politics, and to balance opposing powers in a stable equilibrium.
Third, the dynamic adjustment process of the long-term interest rate is formalized in light of the term structure of interest rates, assuming that the term structure may be off It warrants a globally asymptotically stable equilibrium.
He also noted that, as commentators have pointed out, the market does not create a stable equilibrium.
At that time, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl wisely concluded that German economic dominance of Europe was not conducive to a stable equilibrium, and that a better plan for the future was to build on Germany's weight and influence to create a permanent common monetary order.
Surprisingly, Malik does not consider the possibility that China will democratize, which would bring the expectation that China-India relations will eventually settle into a more stable equilibrium.