reversible colloid

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re·ver·si·ble col·loid

a colloid that is again soluble in water after having been dried at ordinary temperature.
Synonym(s): stable colloid
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'Our goal was to transform a material that was initially synthesised in a test tube into a stable colloid that could be printed and applied to any surface.
This energy gap, in addition to other parameters such as density difference in electrical charges and type and density of surface atoms, which are affected by the morphology of the particles, prevent the easily formation of a stable colloid. These parameters in addition to other obstacles such as the creation of stable chemical complexes in an uncontrolled situation prevents the formation of alumina nanoparticles in form of colloid, and therefore it is very important to select a certain method to obtain the desirable results.
While it is slightly soluble in methanol, it shows a stable colloid in mixture of methanol and chloroform [14].
"Dispersions are stable colloids of inert materials suspended in a continuous phase," said Chuck Rybny, vice president of research and development for Penn Color Inc.
The purified PANI nanofibers could be dispersed in the water and other polar solvent, such as ethanol, EG, and DMF, to form stable colloids without any steric stabilizer; this will further expand its application prospects.