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The activation of core muscles by self-contracting abdominals and gluteals actively during the shoulder strength measurement significantly decreased the MVIC strength values, regardless of hand dominancy and time of the measurement (before or after six-week core stabilization exercise program)
This study concluded that there is an effect of 8 weeks of core stabilization exercise on core endurance, but no effect on functional test in female staff nurses.
The interrater reliability of physical examination tests that may predict the outcome or suggest the need for lumbar stabilization exercises. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.
Spinal stabilization exercises focused on correct body position, proper technique, and overall posture, so they are used to reform antigravity muscles; whereas aerobic exercises focused on isolated big muscles.
(27) developed a clinical prediction rule to identify patients with low back who would benefit from lumbar stabilization exercises. They found that the following four factors had the greatest predictive value of success with stabilization exercises: a passive straight leg raise of 91 degrees or greater, a positive prone instability test, the presence of aberrant movement of the lumbar spine, and age younger than 40.
Long-term effects of a stabilization exercise therapy for chronic low back pain.
Spinal stabilization exercise program for subjects with lower back pain.
Effectiveness of core stabilization exercises and routine exercise therapy in management of pain in chronic non-specific low back pain: A randomized controlled clinical trial.
(2015) also demonstrated that lumbar stabilization exercises in combination with thorax mobilization have a greater impact on lumbar part stabilization, pain relief, and patients' functionality.
Physical therapist treat low back pain by posture correction exercises, stretching exercise, strengthening exercise, lumber stabilization exercise, heating modality, and dynamic abdominal and core stability exercises.
Results: The results of this study illustrate that clinical and therapeutic effects of core stabilization exercise program over the period of six weeks are more effective in terms of reduction in pain, compared to routine physical therapy exercise for similar duration.