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squeeze cage
see squeeze cage.
squeeze chute
see chute.

Patient discussion about squeeze

Q. skins does excrete oil and keratin what exactly is the whitish cape up that you can squeeze out from underskin

A. It sounds like you refer to sebum, an oily substance secreted by (how surprising :) ) sebaceus glands attached to the hair root. It's important for the skin, although abnormal secretion of it may cause diseases such as acne.

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Equipois has successfully used zeroG to manipulate sanders, grinders, drills, impact wrenches, torque guns, nut runners, rivet squeezers, crimping toots, and pulse guns.
Playful modernity meets classic design with these lemon squeezers, starting at pounds 19
Stonyfield Farm will now offer an all-organic line of 32-ounce and six-ounce yogurts, drinkable yogurt smoothies, YoBaby yogurts for babies and toddlers, YoKids squeezers and yogurts, frozen yogurt and ice cream, Oikos Greek-style yogurt, and milk.
Rolled out at 100 Hyatt location lounges last month, the program features libations that are prepared partially behind the bar, then finished at the guest's table with servers squeezing fresh fruit juices using squeezers designed by renowned mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim.
Operations continued on the squeezers and the newly-expanded nobake line, but production was going to take a hit.
Carlsbad, CA, has launched Coromega Child Brain and Body Lemon-Lime Squeezers, a high DHA omega 3 supplement for children.
Swirlati, the first of an anticipated line of Rita's Squeezers frozen push pops, is now available in six-pack boxes through the more than 340 Rita's locations nationwide and in over 700 grocery store locations on the East Coast, including Redner's, Giant, Weiss, Acme and Clemens Markets.
To mislead shakers and squeezers, add marbles, bells, weights, or padding to your package before wrapping it.
Utensils of Mexico manufactures and markets manual, enameled and acrylic lemon, lime and orange juice squeezers to specialty gourmet retailers such as Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.
By the time the lemon- squeezers reached their third album in 1970 and the Bud-swilling masses embraced the quartet, the enterprise had taken up permanent residence in the town of self-parody.
There are two four-foot arms on both sides which deliver positive lateral pressure and act like squeezers.