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squeeze cage
see squeeze cage.
squeeze chute
see chute.

Patient discussion about squeeze

Q. skins does excrete oil and keratin what exactly is the whitish cape up that you can squeeze out from underskin

A. It sounds like you refer to sebum, an oily substance secreted by (how surprising :) ) sebaceus glands attached to the hair root. It's important for the skin, although abnormal secretion of it may cause diseases such as acne.

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But her mother squeezed it in till the blood came, and took her to the king's son: and he set her as his bride by his side on his horse, and rode away with her.
And if we pay a premium price for 100% pure squeezed juice not from concentrate we feel we are giving ourselves the best money can buy.
Mr Ahmad added: "He squeezed and kept on squeezing.
3 : to force or crowd in by compressing <We squeezed into the car.
And a blind taste test found that Marks & Spencer's Freshly Squeezed was liked by more people than any other brand.
1 What happened to your "fish" when you squeezed the soda bottle?
Use fresh or frozen citrus juice or freshly squeezed citrus as a marinade for tougher vegetables such as parsnips, turnips, or cauliflower, for extra firm tofu or seitan, or for mushrooms.
When a solid is squeezed under high pressure, its constituent atoms or molecules pack together tightly and have less room to move about.
As your friend examines the rock, slip the squeezed tissue into your back pocket.
The agent squeezed the canvas bag above Bond's seat and noticed that it contained a "brick-like" object.
Freshly squeezed: These are 100 per cent pure squeezed fruit juices containing no added water, sugar, colours or preservatives.