Regen, Eugene M.

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Eugene M., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1900–.
Regen exercise - exercise done to emphasize the convexity of the lumbar spine. Synonym(s): squatting exercise
Regen flexion exercise
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Finally, the squatting exercise was performed more slowly during the studies by Rittweger et al.
A final issue with the exercise programs used in this study is that if the study wanted to compare relatively discrete strength training and balance training programs, then the squatting exercise should form part of the strength training program, rather than the balance training program (though, of course, in reality a program for people with arthritis would often incorporate both strength and balance training).
2003) Acute changes in neuromuscular excitability after exhaustive whole body vibration exercise as compared to exhaustion by squatting exercise.
Increase in heart rate following squatting exercises is well documented in athletes.
They were Kitted out with motion 3D system sensors capable of capturing 500 samples per seconds while the players carried out simple running, jumping, lifting and squatting exercises.
A few squatting exercises help work out the thighs and legs.
Squatting exercises and push-ups before sex are as necessary as a shower before a swim.
And if your bum is on the J-Lo side, avoid squatting exercises with heavy weights as they will build up the glutes.
During the first week of care she was also given simple squatting exercises as well as wobble board exercises to perform in the clinic as well as at home.
Loosening the segments can be achieved by simple squatting exercises.
Try exercises to decompress your spine, namely squatting exercises.