square matrix

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square ma·trix

a matrix in which the numbers of rows and columns are equal.
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Given a square matrix A, a non-constant function f analytic on an open set containing [LAMBDA](A) and a positive [epsilon], we wish to estimate how the eigenvalues of f(A) change when A is perturbed by another matrix of norm at most [epsilon].
The square matrix A will be called nonsingular, if the right column rank is maximal, i.
It also derives its interest from the special case when A is a nonsingular, perhaps nonsymmetric, square matrix.
M] square matrix, Hermitian, of unit-trace and non-negative, so that the quantum A-F entropy associated with the unitary evolution U and the family of projections {[P.
If C is any complex square matrix, then the (complex) Schur decomposition which always exists has the form
In this case, as in our application to the inversion problem, the matrix is assumed to be a square matrix of order n, and for its rank the cases r = n and r = n - 1 are treated.