square matrix

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square ma·trix

a matrix in which the numbers of rows and columns are equal.
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(2) The determinant of the square matrix [K.sub.e] is not equal to zero; that is, det [absolute value of ([K.sub.e])] [not equal to] 0.
In addition, by the definition of the trace of a matrix, for any square matrix A, obviously we have
(vi) P is a square matrix, of size m, which consists of diagonal values each equal to the multiplication of rows, elements of matrix M, and zero elsewhere:
If the input matrix is not a square matrix, then this CCA algorithm fails.
Note that, as is mentioned in Introduction, for a square matrix A whose components lie in a commutative ring R, the form 1/det(1-uA) can always be reformulated in a generating function of exponential type, that is, if we let [N.sub.m] = tr [A.sup.m] for each m [member of] [Z.sub.[greater than or equal to]1], then the form equals
Notation: we use Tr(A) for the trace of the square matrix A and etr(A) = exp(Tr(A)).
Then unvec(v) = W is a square matrix of size J x J obtained from matricizing v through its column vectors [w.sub.j] [member of] [R.sup.I], j = 1, ..., J, i.e., we have
it has to be square matrix, is always fulfilled by method of impedance matrix creation.
A m x n fuzzy matrix for which m = n (i.e the number of rows is equal to the number of columns) and whose elements belong to the unit interval [0, 1] is called a fuzzy square matrix of order n.
As shown in the figure above there are some relations between causal concepts and effect concepts, and they can be presented in a square matrix with zero on the diagonal (Table 1).