square matrix

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square ma·trix

a matrix in which the numbers of rows and columns are equal.
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Note that, as is mentioned in Introduction, for a square matrix A whose components lie in a commutative ring R, the form 1/det(1-uA) can always be reformulated in a generating function of exponential type, that is, if we let [N.
To switch 36 inputs to 36 outputs, Clos found that a 3-level circuit only required 1,188 relays instead of the 1,296 needed to build a square matrix.
Where A is a square matrix, X is vector of unknowns and b is vector of right hand side values.
An M x M square matrix is divided into k vertical rectangles of height M and width [n.
2]_q more columns, then (11) is a square matrix of order [q.
He covered linear and non-linear systems to vectors, matrices, elementary operations and the rank of a matrix, the inverse of a square matrix, the solution of simultaneous linear equations and integer variables.
Where A is consistently ordered and positive definite square matrix of order N and [?
If we have a square matrix and we want to calculate a function of this matrix, then the big order of this matrix is the main obstacle that we face.
Its computational complicity relies only on the computation of the kernel matrix, which is a square matrix where the dimension equals to the number of the samples and will never depend on the exponential growing number of rows.
Additionally, it would seem logical to think that any arbitrary non-singular, square matrix can be chosen to represent the LOCK, but with the help of technology, Singapore students found that this was not exactly the case.
Figure 2 illustrates the construction of 64K and 128K matrices by using multiple 32K switches; each has 128 input and 128 output streams, in a square matrix configuration.